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shift shift!

im shifting to another blog... so i wont be updating here as much as before anymore other than entries that i wana classify it as "frens only" entries... so yep.

new blog add: http://elynthedreamer.blogspot.com

いつもお世話になっておりますのでありがとうごあじました!これからもよろしくね! >_<

Happy 44th Birthday Singapore!

Happy 44th Birthday Singapore!

Im proud to say that i said the pledge at 8.22pm sgd time!! and i watched the entire parade! =)

I LOVE YOU SINGAPORE. theres no place like home. =)

Swine Flu

well, it had finally HIT japan. and its real bad. within a few days, 129 cases has been confirmed til now. and its in Kansai area. hopefully my frens back in Osaka are fine. *prays hard for them*

hopefully it wun hit tokyo so soon. or NOT at all.

yeah baby she's got it~~

that was a random title inspired by the song Venus by Bananarama.

Im gg to make an effort to update this blog daily since someone commented dat this blog seems more like a mthly updated blog instead. >_<

boring wkends, as usual sleeping for 12-13 hrs to make up for my lack of slp during wkdays. =))

now im seriously procrastinating to do my hawaii report. i have to plan activities for 2 days for this couples ( which the description was so vague!) how would i know what they would like do if i dun have enough info on them?! the only thing i know is this is the first time they are travelling overseas. -_-" argh. mendokusai.

and keigo has been driving me crazy lately. 「お呼びでしょうか?」 「少々お待ちください」 「かしこまりました」 「どちら様がいっらしゃていますか?」and many many more.

so last week we had a class on experiencing what it feels like if u are 80yrs old. so we had weights bind to our feet and arms and fingers tied together. and we have to stuff our ears to muffle our hearing and we had to wear a eye maskto blur our vision. well, it was fun but tiring.

My Fren, Lisa                                                          This is ME!


Lessons on hawaii are so boringggggg..... and im gg to have a test on it after the teacher finish teaching the last island.... and i am not paying any attention ( since im blogging away)


An honourable Meeting.

well, today's the Lunch Reception with Preisdent SR Nathan Fro singaporeans in New Otani Hotel near Asakasa. Mr SR Nathan will be having a state visit to Japan for the first time from 8th May til i cant remember when.

well... the main fun part of the entire event was to be able to eat singapore authentic food!!!! satay, roti prata, chicken rice!!! omg. damn happy.

Golden Week's OVER!!

soo.... i went nowhere during golden week, other den staying over at vro's palce in Chiba for a night. but it was fun and her place was damn nice. its such a nice little cosy apartment!! * envious*

and yep. i did retail therapy at IKEA!!! not really a retail therapy but at least i got wad i needed the most. that is my new closet!!! which means..... MORE CLOTHES & more SHOPPPPINNNNGGG!! *grinz*

oh well... sch's started... gotta get use to the speed of the sensei again. -___-" yuuyuu.. T_T

more pictures from the HIKE!Collapse )

Jr Yamanote Hike...

A little post birthday post! although i didnt had those big parties which i expected i would have during my 21st Birthday but i did enjoyed myself during my birthday!! i had quite ano. of unexpected presents and birthday wishes from new friends as well as my old friends. I LOVE YOU!<3<3 * huggies*

more birthday pictures!Collapse )
on the 29th April, i participated in my sch's annual yamonote hike night walk... so we walked from 6 pm til the next morning 8am!!!! omg.... i dun think i wanna participate in it nxt yr anymore....

but overall it was fun. i mean we had so much time to bond with the class and teachers. joking together. and as usual, i became some sort of mascot again. -_-"
Tokyo Railway

so basically we covered this entire loop by walking! although we did stop at certain main parks like yoyogi, ebisu, shiba ( to witness the lights out of the tokyo tower at 12 am which we counted down for it), hibiya ( for our late night bento) and ueno and lastly ikebokuro (ard 6 am, which majority of us just lie flat on the floor and doze off before walking the last 2 hrs back to sch.)
our finale picture!!! *otsukaresama!!!!!*


according to japan time, in 35 more mins i will be turning the BIG 21!!!!

well.... i love my frens. im glad i befriended them and many of whom has warmth my heart and listened to me whenever i needed them.
Hugs and kisses to you guys. I LOVE YOU!

dedications to : Dotz, Tracy,JeMXPH,dave See ming, Motoyama Megumi,Lora, Vero Emad, Ahmed, Chin Kiong......moha and many more!!!!! i love you ppl. i really do <3

drowns in mapsssss...

places of interests places of interests.................... -_-" arh. japanese language is drowning me now. and i cant belive i have a test on it tml. * pulls hair*